The Canvas Play2011
2011. 3. 4 - 2011. 3. 31
CSP111 Art Space, Seoul, Korea

The painting is the longest part of all over the art history and represents all of the expression. For a long time, it's been existed as an implement of religion and history. And after the camera was invented, it's been fell into utter confusion of its identity but after the modernism eras, it's been firmly stood its identity. However after the postmodernism eras, with the rise of other media, the status of painting was rapidly dropped off and nowadays it's really urgent to establish its subjectivity in the area of the contemporary art. The major scenes of my work are fully explained above. And the main objects are the recognition of all the problems we have after the postmodernism for the continuation of the painting and recover the subjectivity as we show the way for it. My work is following the modernism as inquiring into the substance of the paintings and showing the characters of the conceptual art as expressing the substance through the canvas not as expressing on its own canvas. The work is defined by three by ways of expression. Firstly, by indicating a point of question as expressing the letters that are taking the view or the substance all over the art and secondly, inquire into the substance of the basic media of the paintings as recombining the canvas. And thirdly, intended to reach a consequence on the surface with the piled up outcomes by expressing or separating the layers of color. However the objects of all the works may be condensed as 'paintings for the painting'. After the postmodernism, the art has gone through the time of chaos by compounding and deconstructing constantly. Although it may be the radical substance of the art, everyone has a belief that the paintings will go on forever. And now it's the right moment to think what is the source of the belief.