Painting for Painting2017
PART.1 : 2017. 10. 23 - 2017. 11. 2
VIDI Gallery

The "Painting for Painting" series is art work that expression of the landscape. Landscape painting is one of the oldest subjects of paintings as a transcendental theme that made human's instinctive sensibility to admire nature. Over a long period of time, artists have expressed their longing for nature by reproducing landscape paintings, and wanted to look into human attributes as a part of nature. However, my art work is not in representation, but in planarity that prescribes painting, and I choose the landscape to reveal it. Through this, I hope that the audience will be able to feel the shape of the flatness of canvas that symbol of painting and want to be cracking the purpose that the audience intends to achieve through the landscape painting. The area of painting in contemporary art is smaller than before, but no one thinks painting will disappear. I want to be an artist who tells about painting in this contemporary art.

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